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3905 Clear Creek Rd: 254-833-5004

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Delicious burrito

Menos Mexican Grill

Stan Schlueter location

1100 E Stan Schlueter location

Clear Creek location

3905 S Clear Creek location



Stan Schlueter 254-554-8220

Clear Creek      254-833-5004


Monday-Sunday: 6am to 10pm

Take a trip to Meno's Mexican Grill today!

Choose from a variety of delicious dishes to pamper your taste buds. We offer exquisite American and Mexican food available 7 days a week!

"This place has the BEST burritos I have EVER had!"

          -Evie Brenneis Barnes

"The service here was awesome! Just had their juevos rancheros. It came with potatoes and beans."

                  -Cecilia Castaneda


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