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3905 Clear Creek Rd: 254-833-5004

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Your lunch specials:

#1-  1 cheese enchilada and 1 ground beefcrispy taco


#2- 1 chalupa with your choice of meat  (add $0.99 with shrimp)


#3- 1 tamale chicken or pork, plus 1 enchilada with your choice of ground

   beef or cheese

Killeen's best lunch!!

"Best Mexican restaurant I've had!!! Kiara Warren

"This place has the BEST burritos I have EVER had!"

Evie Brenneis Barnes

Lunch is always special when you come by Meno's Mexican Grill every Monday through Friday from 11am to 3pm. Get any plate with Mexican rice and refried beans for $7.50!

#4- Carne guisada lunch portion, served with your choice of guacamole or                   pico


#5-  2 soft tacos with your choice of: chicken fajita, ground beef, or shredded chicken


#6- 1 burrito with your choice of meat (add $0.99 with shrimp)


#7- 1 sope or gordita with your choice of meat (add $0.99 with shrimp)


#8- 1 tilapia fillet lemon pepper style with 2 slices of avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, and   white rice


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